Worlddatabase's mission is to save precious human data

05-01 Azcentral

Worlddatabase, based on the blockchain technology accumulated in the past 10 years, has developed the infrastructure of worlddatabase's distributed data storage. Its original intention is to carry the data security storage of human 5g era。

Data forever, civilization forever

Nowadays, human civilization has changed rapidly from information age to big data technology era. The world has entered DT era from it era. Under the circumstance of big data sweeping the world, data has become the most important carrier of recording modern human civilization.

The potential value of pictures, archives, audio and video information produced by various industries which play an important role in the development of human society cannot be underestimated. Just as the video and audio data scene of law enforcement can help the public security judicial to quickly detect cases and lock key information; The collection of gene data, influence data and patient medical record data can promote the research in medical field.

Nowadays, the traces left by the years to the city are gradually forgotten with the increasingly blurred memories of generations.

Can a person who is lost in memory have wisdom?

What about a city of memory loss?

If the city and even the human world are regarded as organisms, and the application of retrograde amnesia is extended to the organism, then maybe: the current city or light or heavy has retrograde amnesia.

And a forgotten civilization can not have wisdom.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep memory and store data for a long time, which is the necessary condition for civilization to continue。

According to IDC's forecast, the total amount of global data will increase from 33zb in 2018 to 175zb in 2025, and the data is growing exponentially. However, due to the limitation of the current mainstream storage media space and the high cost of long-term storage, there is an exponential loss of data。

It is not easy to retain half of the 33zb data in 2018 by 2021. It is of great significance to develop large capacity and low-cost storage media in the dimension of long-term storage for data retention and civilization continuation. In the future, with the development of optical storage, glass storage, quantum storage and other storage technologies, storage media with longer storage time and lower cost will inevitably appear, and the possibility of civilization continuation and permanence will further increase.

In this regard, what efforts can we make?

Robert Darnton, honorary librarian of Harvard University Library, said: "our culture can't bear the risk of catastrophic loss, and digital texts are more vulnerable than printed books at this point."

In order to build a stronger, more flexible and more dedicated Internet, we need to build a distributed network by letting users control data again. The network we deserve is not today's centralized network, but tomorrow's distributed network. The future of distributed networks will last 1000 years or more

Worlddatabase for long-term data storage

Worlddatabase is originated from the third wave of Internet - and stands out in IOT, AI, 5g, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies;

Worlddatabase was born in the frequent occurrence of data mass explosion and centralization problems, which gave us the opportunity to develop the decentralized storage space;

Worlddatabase starts with big data and is loyal to big data - and it also allows its data to belong to itself and serve itself.

Decentralized distributed storage is a data storage technology. It uses the disk space on every machine in the enterprise through the network, and makes these scattered storage resources into a virtual storage device, and the data is stored in every corner of the enterprise.

Worlddatabase is translated into "World Database", in English WD, and in Chinese, it is a blockchain storage base chain based on subversive technology and unique intelligence model. It is born to solve the data storage crisis faced by human beings in the 5g big data age, and provides sustainable, safe and efficient data storage services for the Internet industry, It is the inevitable choice of data storage in the era of information explosion。

What can Shiku do?

In the era of 5g network big data, the world bank uses the global point-to-point decentralized distributed storage system to meet the arrival of the era of big data explosion for the centralized data storage mode, which is nearly collapsed. It provides a safe, sustainable and infinitely scalable storage scheme for the high-speed data storage of human beings, with the mission of carrying the human data forever.

The world bank takes the lead in putting forward the design concept of separate storage of different types of data on different chains and blocks, and provides a series of basic capacity services including unlimited scalable storage, high-throughput computing and fast network transmission. The ultimate technical goal of the world bank is to build a data encryption storage infrastructure that can be notarized and trusted, Through storage nodes with different security levels and different bandwidth, hierarchical storage of different types and levels of data that can be publicly verifiable and anonymous verifiable, so as to promote the sharing and sharing of public data in human society, and ultimately achieve common benefits。

In the future, medical education, transportation, energy, agriculture, weather, hydrology, infrastructure, scientific research, public safety data, etc., all of which are common to human beings, can be distributed and verifiable stored, transmitted, retrieved, analyzed, traded and used on the worlddatabase platform。 

What can Shiku bring us?

Worlddatabase changes the phenomenon that blockchain products cannot exceed the centralized user experience

POC - proof of contribution

According to the contribution of hard disk space and broadband, and combining with DAG to achieve immediate feedback and linear income, it is the incentive mechanism for everyone to be equal;

PDP - provable data position

Based on RSA fragment + sentinel encryption hash, the storage provider sends the hash to the verifier. If the content does not exist or changes, the hash is inconsistent;

Encryption - fragment + sentinel + multiple backup (multiple encryption)

According to the file size, it is divided into several fragments, and the sentry is added to ensure that it can not be read; Each fragment is placed in a different storage pool, and multiple backups ensure that the fragment exists.

In the era of capital class solidification, only when science and technology has a leap in the turning point, will social wealth be redistributed, thus realizing the change of class and destiny. Based on the attribute of block chain incentive mechanism, the world bank is undoubtedly the opportunity for ordinary people to share scientific and technological dividends before the great change, and face the 5g big data wave, The world bank will bring wealth to every lucky and wise person。

What has worlddatabase changed?

Let the times be fairer, let individuals shine, and let data security last forever


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