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Rome was not built in a day, passive income also the same. You must always improve your economic knowledge and financial skills. Only if your knowledge and skills are sufficiently perfect and truly valuable then only you can get “passive income”. Therefore, riding a gravy train and reap without sowing are impossible.Learn to consume reasonably, assets planning and knowledge gaining is the key to achieve passive income. The first step to having passive income are to find ways to increase income and reduce expenditure, and accumulate your first pot of gold. Xinyi Fund SunCoin is your best choice for you to achieve passive income .


XINYI SunCoin Fund combining blockchain technology with mall platforms to create a top mall supply chain to solve the problem of digital currency circulation for users. XINYI Foundation fully controlled,facing Asia Pacific,complete the strategic layout of the times,get touch blockchain to create a new digital currency shopping and trading platform,

SFC differentiates its system of mall shopping into ecosystem of shopping and blockchain shopping.

-Realize shopping resource integration and asset channel management

-Assets allocation execution,and clearing centre internationally

-De-centralized network with scalable payment

- Committed to building the world's most valuable shopping mining system

-Every user can realize SFC block value sharing

AI mining is SFC’s mining package. Users purchase plan to segmented income. Users can obtain more income by purchasing mining packages and participating in SFC's smart AI program mining. Users that perform real-name authentication right now to experience the mining package.

Global blockchain e-commerce industry, and global empowerment- value depression. Southeast Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia as base with strategic global layout,People around the world use SFC sun coin for e-commerce shopping.


In 2021, follow SunCoin to achieve passive income.


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